the Order
of the
Emerald Star


Those wishing to join the Order must be of full age (18+) and of good report. You must also have a belief in a higher power, as well as be embedded within a religious, spiritual, fraternal or magical movement (Outer Order). There is however, no restriction upon the observance of any one religion or any at all, as long as the individual's beliefs aligns themselves with the Order's landmarks.

If you are seeking to join the Order, then you should write to us with information about yourself and why it is you wish to join. Time and attention should be given when writing to us with your first correspondence, as it is more likely to make your application successful.

Note: Those who have reached the IIIº within a corresponding Mystery Tradition are more likely to be accepted, as our Order starts at the natural continuation and completion of this cycle. The keen and dedicated aspirant should not be put off by this, but should understand that more may be required of them within the early degrees.

The Sacred Vow of Silence

Those wishing to join the Outer Order should be aware that they will be required to take a Sacred Vow of Silence, Sub Rosa, in which they will swear to never reveal the TRUE SECRETS of our most Magical, Holy and Mysterious Order. An emphasis is to be placed upon the concept of true secrets, which does not include the outer symbols or methods. Furthermore, candidates must swear never to divulge the names, ranks, degrees, initiators or positions of any Brother or Sister to those within or without the Order. For this reason, no person, including members, have the right to demand any of the above information. The exception to this is unless it is given willingly, in order for personal advancement. Members are also expected to swear to never reveal the meeting places, structures, rituals or TRUE PURPOSES to any outsider whatsoever. This especially includes to any other Body of wise Men and or Women.