the Order
of the
Emerald Star

The Landmarks

By the nature of our Order, it encourages its constant evolution so that it reflects the collective unconsciousness of the magical and spiritual makeup of the universe and the tools needed to overcome its current obstacles. There are a number of landmarks however, which define the approach of our Order and should not be changed. Their observation is necessary to be regular members of it. The term landmarks comes from Freemasonry and is based on the idea of that one can recognise a given city or place by looking at the landmarks or unique structures.

  1. That all was made manifest by divine and intentional will. We draw breath from a single source and shall return once more from whence we came, by the aid of the Light of our Order.
  2. Freedom is considered above all else to be the highest of virtues and is presided over by our Lord, the Light Bringer who is known to us as The Emerald Star.
  3. The Three Great Lights of the Order are the Moon, Sun and Stars. They are reflected by the three great orders and the division of their teachings. They are also the Hermetic Operations of the Arte.
  4. The Alchemical Stages, Principals, Steps and Signs are the method of these operations and applied using the formula of Solve Coagula.
  5. The Tree of Living Ones is the map of development and attainment of these methods. The keys of the mysteries are hidden within its paths and their earthly manifestations.
  6. The Three Lesser Lights of the Order are the Magister and his two most senior officers, that of Severity and Mercy.
  7. It is only in Darkness that we can know Light and only in Light can we know Darkness. The immortal soul is divided into parts within manifestation and must be reunited.
  8. It is the duty of all to discover their True Will, by first becoming the Vessel of the Gods.
  9. Universality. All truths are but half-truths of the objective truth. Therefore no image or symbol shall be worshiped as such.
  10. All are made equal, but it is our words and actions that value our worth and ascend us to the Throne of Grace.
  11. Only Men and Women, who are free and of full age may join our ranks.
  12. None shall be given position or title without acquiring the relevant knowledge and experience, as well as visible proof of the accomplishment.
  13. Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding and Truth at all costs, above any other. We shall know all things from all systems and fuel the Lamp of the Order.
  14. We shall wage war against the evil of ignorance, those who would enslave minds and cast shadows over eyes. As such we are a militaristic order, with a divine purpose.
  15. No law or oath upon Earth is above that which aids in man's evolution and enlightenment.
  16. As the serpent eats its own tail, so shall the Order feed upon itself and devour the world. Therefore shall we perpetually evolve and adapt, without defining the inner teachings by aeon or age.