the Order
of the
Emerald Star

The Workings of the Degrees

To proceed through the degrees initiates must complete greater bodies of work, which reflect the Streams of Wisdom. The method of execution is entirely dependent upon the preferences of the initiate. The aim is to provide an open structure in which the brethren can develop their own spiritual understanding, as well as to evolve the Order as a whole. It is, therefore, the case that even within the lower degrees that the initiate is empowered with the tools, to cause change by evolution and so keeping the Order relevant within its given time and place. This is key in ensuring the Order remains evolutionary and not aeonic.

Degree Workings
0º Neophyte Complete Cycle of Tides, Service to the Encampment, Outer Working
Iº Priest Red Stream Project, Evolving the Arte, Work of the Priest
IIº Magus Black Stream Project, Evolving the Chapel, Additional System Study, Work of the Disciple
IIIº Mystic White Stream Project, Evolving the Order, Work of the Magister, Outer Community Support

Those within the Neophyte degree must complete the Cycle of Tides, which lasts for a period of one year and a day. There are, however, no fixed time limits upon progression through the other degrees and instead candidates are assessed based upon their ability. Part of the assessment for advancement is the presentation of the greater bodies of work before the Chapel.

The evolution of the Chapel may well be the formation of a new Encampment, which all those of second degree may apply for a charter to do so. The evolution of the Order may further be to form a Chapel out of the new Encampment, which all those of third degree may apply for a charter to do. Within this method we find ingrained within our system the natural and properly tempered expansion of Wisdom to the world. The key to this temperance is found within the Three Dangers of Initiation as conveyed to the Pilgrim.

Those of the second degree must additionally serve as a Disciple within a Chapel and be instructed by a Magister, before they can themselves move to rank of Magister and the third degree. Only those who have gone through the Throne of Solomon may apply to enter the Second Order; The Order of the Peacock' Angel's Tail.