the Order
of the
Emerald Star


he Order of the Emerald Star is a magical and spiritual brotherhood (fraternity) of the Western Mystery Tradition, which operates out of the UK. It utilises the rich and poetic imagery of both Classical European Paganism and Middle Eastern Mysticism. It is concerned with the spiritual liberation of humanity, under the direction of the Lords of Light and the completion of the Magnum Opus (Great Work). It also focuses on the acquisition of the hidden knowledge found within the many Streams of Wisdom, which are both sorcerous and theurgic in nature. Those of the order are introduced to certain arcane doctrines and the hermetic practices found within the Arte Magical, under the guide of the Nameless Arte, so that the practitioner may fully comprehend our place as the Children of the Flood and the spiritual attainment that is the reunification with Godhead.

The study of our system is aimed at the unfolding of esoteric wisdom, through divine and gnostic revelation, rather than dogmatic religiosity. It draws upon many different forms of philosophical thought and practices, both new and ancient in origin, which have been passed on from one Mystery Tradition to the next. These include the profound works of the high ceremonial Magician, such as alchemy, astrology and the qabala. As well as the cunning crafts of modern traditional witchcraft, the prophetic dreams of the liminal seer and knowledge of the wortcutter. This is reflected within our structure, which combines the beneficial aspects of both a lodge and covine based system. With such, there is a focus on regular group ritual, as well as personal daily practice. This cauldron of inspiration and body of work is ever evolving and known as The Prismatic Garden, which is carefully constructed and watched over by The Eternal Gardener.

Progression through the order is initiatic and follows the crooked path of the serpent to ascend the tree of life and unite the elemental worlds. It is split into three holy orders or grades that follow the Operations of the Arte. These are the operations of the Moon, Sun and Stars, whose names are better known in the hermetic texts, as the three parts of wisdom of the whole universe. Those of the First Order are taught the Lunar mysteries of Witchcraft, and the supporting practices behind it, in order to form the Vessel of the Gods. The Second Order focuses on the destruction and rebuilding of the Inner Solar Temple of the Magician and the enactment of the True Will, symbolised by the union of the Eye of Horus and the Iron Star of Set. The Third Order is concerned with the creative and sexual practices of the will made manifest, as symbolised by The Black Sun. Admittance of this grade is strictly by invitation only.

It is the objective of the Outer Order to provide a sanctuary in which celebrants can enjoy the cultural practices of the chosen religions, which are flourishing within the current Aeon. This is done under the guidance of the Priesthood, who enact out our hidden mysteries within plays and veiled allegory. For rather than locking away the wisdom of the universe and becoming solitary conquerors, it is our belief that the light of the Emerald Star should shine in even the darkest of places.

"My sword is heavy and I am tired,
Lend to me, the light of the starry heaven,
And the strength of the earth, upon which I stand,
So that I may obtain the end of my desire."